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Swedish Anti Chafe Stick awarded PROOF OF INNOVATION by Spoga Horse

Prouct image Horse & Hound Anti Chafe Stick - grey backgroundProuct image Horse & Hound Anti Chafe Stick - grey background

On the 22nd of February 2021 Spoga Horse named The TOP INNOVATIONS for the worldwide equestrian industry. 

Out of more than 60 innovative products, 30 were nominated and awarded the title PROOF OF INNOVATION. These include new solutions in various categories, such as safety, ergonomics and health for horses and riders, digitalisation and concepts for sustainable production.

Swedish skincare brand The Skin Agent is proud to be among the TOP 30 nominees of the spoga horse TOP INNOVATIONS 2021 with our innovative Horse & Hound Anti Chafe Stick focused on preventing chafing caused by the horses equipment. Launched in december 2020 it has just reached stores and is the first product that the company has developed for animals.

The Skin Agent Anti Chafe stick actively prevents the horse’s skin from chafing caused by equipment such as harness, saddle, spurs, sheets and blankets, leg protection, girth, bridle, halter and fly bonnet as well as the rider’s legs. Based on advanced Swedish natural skincare, it prevents friction, reduce redness and irritation while stimulating the skins own healing process and strengthen the structure of the fur.

The renowned jury - comprised of the retailers Arnd Wiegler (CEO, Equiva GmbH) and Chritina Møller (Horseworld Rideudstyr), the influencers Matt Harnacke and Bettina Riedinger & Tanja Rittler from @nativehorses, as well as the professionals Bram Chardon and Judy Ann Melchior - that selected the top 30 innovations worldwide. 

I am immensely proud to recieve the information that our Horse & Hound Anti Chafe Stick reached Top 30 and is awarded the title PROOF OF INNOVATION. This honour further validates our decision to extend our product range into the equestrian industry, says Linda Nilsson, CEO and founder, The Skin Agent. It is also spurrs us on (pun intended) to develop more products for animals.


A thin layer of the Anti Chafe Stick is effective the whole day and the protection is instant upon application. The product is 100% water free to ensure that it can be used all year around. It is also water resistant without blocking the pores that is essential for the skin to perspire. It only contains high quality ingredients, vegan, organic and natural. Developed and produced according to the strict regulations that apply to human skincare.

There was a number of new rules and regulations that we all of a sudden had to adhear to, says Linda. One thing was to ensure that it complies with the regulations of the authorities and Swedish Travsport, the key being that it should not contain any ingredient that require a competitor's withdrawal time without compromising the function. 



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Om The Skin Agent

The Skin Agent är en svenskutvecklad hudvårdsserie som aktivt förebygger skav och friktionsskador. Produkterna kan användas på hela kroppen och är 100 % veganska. Säljs via återförsäljare inom segmenten ”Sport, Lifestyle och Medicin” och består av 3 produkter, Active, Move och Comfort. Under 2020 lanserades den första produkten inom affärsområdet Animalcare, Horse & Hound Anti Chafe Stick. Företaget bakom produkterna är The Skin Agent Sweden AB, ett privatägt aktiebolag som grundandes 2016. Produkterna lanserades på den svenska marknaden i januari 2017.